Free Wine Promotion When Purchasing Selected Fisher & Paykel Wine and Cooling Appliances

Free Wine Promotion When Purchasing Selected Fisher & Paykel Wine and Cooling Appliances

Free Wine Offer!

What's on offer?

Picture New Zealand with its sun-drenched hills, rich clay soil, gentle sea breezes and ripening vineyards. Now imagine bottling that idyllic combination and you have Blackenbrook wine. Not only are Blackenbrook accredited by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, but they have also been listed in the Top New Zealand Wineries 2022.

How do I qualify?

We are offering 12 or 6 FREE BOTTLES of Blackenbrook wine when you buy a selected Fisher & Paykel wine cooler or cooling product from their column range (see qualifying models listed below). Fancy something different? We'll also offer a voucher alternative to spend at Amathus Bath, who will offer hands-on expert advice to which wine would best suit your taste buds. Why not visit us and see the comprehensive range of Fisher & Paykel appliances we have to offer on display in-store, or visit Amathus Bath to check out the huge range of wines on offer to fill your new Fisher & Paykel wine cabinet.

So, what’s the benefits of a Fisher & Paykel wine conditioning system? 

- Optimal wine care

- Maintained temperature, vibration, and humidity

- Stylish showcase of your best wines

- Designed to match other Fisher & Paykel products

- Complements your kitchen


A wine unit from Fisher & Paykel provides the ideal conditions to store your wine. The dual cabinet zones are equipped with an adjustable temperature control which is designed to provide the optimal temperature for different types of wine. This ensures that each bottle is given the best care, for the perfect taste. Humidity and vibration can also disturb the delicate balance of wines, which is why Fisher & Paykel wine units have a low vibration compressor and correct humidity levels to keep wine corks damp to prolong the shelf life. With stylish oak slide out shelves, UV tempered glass, LED lighting and brushed stainless steel, this is Fisher & Paykel at its finest. What better way to care for and showcase your wine collection? Pop into Coopers Home Appliances this season and take a look at our wine conditioning units.


Terms and conditions apply. This is a Fisher & Paykel only promotion, which ends on the 31st December 2022 Only one claim is available per sale and offer is subject to availability. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. 

Models and case size of wine available within the promotion are -

  • RS6121VR2K1 = 12 Bottles
  • RF356RDWX1 = 6 Bottles
  • RF306RDWX1 = 6 Bottles
  • RS60RDWX2 = 6 Bottles
  • RS7621WRUK1 = 12 Bottles
  • RS6121WRUK1 = 12 Bottles
  • RS6121FRJK2 = 12 Bottles
  • RS4621FRJK2 = 12 Bottles
  • RS7621FRJK2 = 12 Bottles
  • RS6121SRK1 = 12 Bottles
  • RS6121SRHK1 = 12 Bottles
  • RS7621SRHK1 = 12 Bottles
  • RS7621SRK2 = 12 Bottles
  • RB9064S1 = 6 Bottles
  • RS6019S2R1 = 6 Bottles
  • RS6019F2L1 = 6 Bottles
  • RS6019BRU1 = 6 Bottles
  • RS9120WRU2 = 6 Bottles
  • RS90AU2 = 6 Bottles
  • RS80AU2 = 6 Bottles
  • RS9120WRJ2 = 6 Bottles 
  • RS90A2 = 6 Bottles
  • RS80A2 = 6 Bottles