Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

The Latest Kitchen Trend

When it comes to customising your kitchen, do you think of things like the colour of the kitchen cupboards and the worktops? The flooring and the wall tiles? Perhaps you have even thought about the colour of your kettle and toaster! We would hazard a guess that the one thing that you may not have thought about customising is your large kitchen appliances.

Yes. Your range cookers, hobs, ovens, fridge-freezers, dishwashers are all customisable.

Stainless steel, whilst still popular, is making way to a new trend as more and more manufacturers are embracing colour and other interesting details in their designs. Your kitchen does not need to be a carbon copy of everyone else's. Move away from the norm and add a pop of colour and fun, or notes of sophistication and elegance to the heart of your home.

Customising your kitchen appliances is the hottest new trend when it comes to interior design, and for a good reason. You are an individual – it's time to show some flair! More and more appliance manufacturers are realising this and are embracing colour or other interesting features into their design.

Let's take a look at fridge-freezers, for example. A large Freestanding Fridge/Freezer is an excellent example of how you can bring a bright and bold pop of colour into your kitchen. Depending on the brand you choose, you can even change the colour to suit whatever scheme you have going on, or even your mood. The Bosch Vario Style fridge freezer includes a series of hooks and magnets making it easy to change the colour of your door in just a few easy steps.

Cookers are another thing that can now be customised to suit your personality and style. Want a traditional range cooker but want it in bright orange?  Perfectly doable. Maybe you want a blue cooker with gold trims. Easy! Many high-end freestanding appliance manufacturers offer a range of colourways and trims. ILVE, for example, offers an upgrade to any RAL colour on 3 of their range cooker models.

Even taps can be customised now, for not just the way you want it to look, but how you want it to function. Long gone are the days where the only choice you had was between mixer tap and two separate taps. Now, you can have things like the Quooker tap, which allows you to pour boiling water straight from the tap. Not only that, but you can choose different finishes. Want to match it to something as tiny as the hinges on your cupboards or the door handles? Not a problem!

Show off your style and make the kitchen of your dreams come true, with colour!


We have a large, two-storey showroom in the heart of Bath, with many of these fabulous appliances on display.  Our staff are helpful, knowledgeable and patient, and will help you through the maze of choices so that you end up with exactly what your inner designer is searching for!