Bricks and Mortar vs Online Shopping

Bricks and Mortar vs Online Shopping

Real bricks and Mortar Stores vs Online Shopping

If you are anything like a vast number of the population, you'll have whiled away some lockdown hours with a bit of online shopping, and with the majority of shops closed it was the only option. But now that lockdown is lifting, and we are getting back to a new type of "normal", it's time to hit the high street and do some proper shopping. This especially true if you are planning what we call a "considered purchase". Something you've had your sights on for some time, but not yet committed too. It could be an American style fridge freezer, a new instant boiling tap, or perhaps a range cooker; whatever it is, you may have already done a fair bit of internet research and narrowed down your options to a shortlist of potentials. Maybe you are waiting until you can physically get your hands on the item and see it in the correct setting, or you think you are ready but just haven't clicked the 'Checkout Now" button.


Well, don't worry, you're not procrastinating, you're just being sensible. It's all too easy to get carried away with reviews, recommendations, photoshopped images and sales blurb to make an impulse purchase online, only to be disappointed with what is delivered to your front door!


So to avoid this situation, we have compiled our top reasons why buying from a "bricks and mortar" store should be the choice for your next "considered" purchase.


Face-to-Face Advice

Making a large purchase should include getting advice from someone who knows about the item you're buying inside and out! By seeing the salesman in person not only will they be able to share their knowledge with you, but you should be able to get a pretty good idea of how much you trust them and the store they work for.



Physical stores may be able to offer on the spot discounts to customers, so it never hurts to ask what deals are available, this spontaneity is not possible with an online retailer.



When you buy from a physical store, you know who you are buying from! You know how long they have been in business and can get a pretty good feeling about how comfortable you are that they'll still be there if something goes wrong.  With an online seller, you have no idea who the seller is.


Touchy-Feely Comfort

When making a large purchase, it is vitally important that you see the item in person.  You need to be able to test how the doors open on your new range or if your favourite baking trays will fit through the door of your new oven.  The quality of an item and how it will look in your home is much easier to discern when you see it first-hand. Online images are sometimes misleading, and you could easily end up with an item that is no way close to what you expected.


The Shopping "Experience"

Going to a showroom and experiencing the thrill of choosing your new appliances can't be replicated from your computer! Seeing the colours and styles in person is extremely satisfying and can often inspire the overall design of your room. Sales attendants can suggest alternatives that are more suitable or advise on better options.


If you are making a "considered" purchase and investing a considerable amount of your money on an appliance, it's better to walk through the door of a retailer and make sure you are getting the best product for your needs!  Your keyboard may have been well used over the last few months, but it is time to get out and visit the stores again!


At Coopers, we have done everything to ensure that our store is safe for you to visit. You can come see us at any time during our opening hours, but you may find that the best experience is to contact us by phone in advance.  You can tell us what items you are considering, and we will have plenty of information ready for your arrival in-store to help you make the most informed decision possible!


We look forward to welcoming you!