Breaking News!

Breaking News!

Smeg showroom now open!

During the lockdowns, Coopers owner, Darrin Christan decided that rather than sit down and wait for the phones to ring he would instead use the opportunity to start completely redesigning the store and begin an extensive schedule of refurbishment. After months of tireless hard work, we are pleased to announce the completion of phase 1 and unveil our new Smeg showroom! The ‘store in store’ concept will allow customers to really get to know their appliance before purchase.

Safety measures were put in to protect our staff and customers and the real business of renovation began at the start of 2021. Had the shop been open, this would not have been possible due to time constraints and customer movements.

Despite lockdown, our customers have been amazingly supportive and understanding. There has been a real positive effort from the public to support independent businesses and shop locally. Coopers has always been about more than just the blunt purchase of appliances and this evolution of our store will facilitate a more hands-on approach to shopping.

Darrin commented, “The future of retail is changing, we want to help lead the way and so it was time for Coopers to evolve. It is important for us that customers aren’t just seeing the appliances. By concentrating on our preferred brands and partnering with them, we’ve created a truly engaging experience for our customers.”

The Smeg showroom is the first of many changes to the shop floor and projects with other key brands are already well underway. Smeg has been fantastic in helping to facilitate our joint vision and we are really pleased with the finished product. Being one of the most aesthetically pleasing and stylish brands, Smeg has consistently lead design innovation within the industry and has pioneered bold colours in the kitchen. Being up close to appreciate the ionic retro era curves, and the elegant, rich hue tones of each appliance will truly allow customers to imagine what it might look like in their own kitchen.

Darrin commented, “Covid has given us time and space to pour our attention and creativity into something different and exciting. I believe it has made us come out stronger than ever. Our team have spent months designing and redesigning to create a captivating experience for our customers. A big shout out of thanks to all our staff members!”

Why not take a walk down Walcot Street and check out our new Smeg ‘store in store’ showroom. We think you might be impressed!